abucus 2017

Case Studies

A sample of Abacus Gantry Services 2017 Ltd’s work.


Client 1

Abacus has been involved in the servicing and testing of 9 cranes and 9 monorails, including the installation of new cranes and removal of others.


Client 2

Abacus was responsible for the repair and testing of a dumb waiter (Hitachi hoist) in the entertainment area along with the installation of 2 x 2 ton lifter for the Video Screen.


Client 3

Abacus is responsible for the quarterly servicing of cranes, monorails, lifting tackle, lifting beams and plant. Anodising tank, die stores cranes serviced monthly, tackle checked and repaired if required every six months, with lifting beams tested under load and repaired as necessary.  In total 21 cranes maintained. Past work has included the manufacture, modification and relocation of cranes and fully automation of the powder coating pretreatment cranes along with the design and manufacture of new lifting beams


Client 4

1 Ton engineering lift to support cadavers for interment.


Client 5

From 1991 – 2000 (when sold and renamed North Shore Transfer Station) Abacus provided general after sales servicing of plant equipment used at the recycling centre. This consisted of 3 hydraulic presses, 1 monorail and 2 conveyors. After the change in owners Abacus is still responsible for servicing all door winches.


Client 6

Abacus is responsible for the servicing all cranes every 6 months, monthly servicing of the dry dock, slipway winch every 6 months, syncro lift platform every 2 months.


Client 7

Abacus undertook the manufacturing, installation, commission and testing of a turnkey crane.


Client 8

Abacus provides the servicing and breakdown support of the Maui oilrig support vessels’ engine room crane.


Client 9

Abacus currently undertakes half yearly servicing of their 12 crane and monorails as well as the repairs, upgrading and installation of new equipment.